Do sklylights need blinds

Do Roof Lanterns Need Blinds? - (UK Tips & Advice On Whether To Purchase A Skylight Blind) 

Roof lanterns are a great way to illuminate a room allowing daylight to come flooding in.

However, as you’ll already know, no two days are the same. You will need the ability to tailor the amount of sunlight shining in.

Do roof lanterns in blinds?

Absolutely, there are plenty of reasons to invest in a good quality roof lantern blind, and in this article, we’ll show you why.

Do Roof Lanterns Need Blinds?

Simply put, yes, roof lanterns need blinds.

By fitting a roof lantern blind, you give yourself options. Without them, you’ve only ever got one default setting.

Fully bright, with no control of heat. 

Here are the main advantages of fitting a great quality roof lantern blind: -

Do skylights need blinds

Roof Lantern Blinds Can Adjust Room Brightness

Roof lanterns are all about light levels. Naturally, you will have a roof lantern fitted to increase the amount of ambient light present in your room.


There will be times when you don’t want the room to be as bright as possible. Situations that require lower light conditions could be when you are trying to view a screen, such as a TV, or trying to rest.

By fitting a roof lantern blind, you can quickly and easily turn the brightness up and down! You don’t need to worry about it being ‘too dark’ either.

You’ll find materials in many lantern blinds that still allow some light to filter through, so your room won’t be gloomy.

Roof Lantern Blinds Can Increase Comfort

While we can sometimes expect to shield our eyes on a bright day in the garden, we don’t anticipate doing the same thing in our own home.

Prolonged squinting can cause headaches after a time. If you are trying to read or work, then glare can become a real issue. 

Roof Lantern Blinds Can Control Room Temperature

While bathing your room in sunlight is generally a good thing, it can sometimes cause secondary issues. Similar to conservatories and orangerys, the sun can shine in through a roof lantern and cause a room to heat up, perhaps uncomfortably so.

The best solution is to block or reduce the light so that the heating effect is reduced. 

And there’s more.

Heat rises, and the highest point of a room will often be your skylight or roof lantern. Blinds can help to insulate your room and prevent heat from escaping on cooler days. 

We have a whole article on how roof lantern blinds can control the temperature of a room here.

Roof Lantern Blinds Provide Privacy

Roof lanterns can often be good for single-storey extensions, but as a result, there is a good chance that they may be overlooked. Nobody likes the thought of others being able to see into their home.

The solution?

A good quality roof lantern blind. With motorised options, you can easily deploy your blinds when you need to. 

best roof lantern blinds

Getting a blind for your roof lantern is highly recommended.

Can You Get Blinds for Roof Lanterns?

You most certainly can! In fact we have an ultimate guide on roof lanterns blinds you can read right here.

You’ll generally have two options when it comes to getting blinds for roof lanterns. You could search and try and find a good company that is local and available on a given day. But these can be expensive.

The alternative?

It is relatively easy to fit blinds for roof lanterns yourself. There are some great online roof lantern ordering services that can provide custom-sized blinds for practically any aperture. Here’s how it works.

  1. You measure the area in which you want the blind to go
  2. You pick the options you want on your blind and receive an instant quote as to cost
  3. Place your order
  4. Your blinds are delivered, made to measure, with step-by-step fitting instructions.

It really is that easy.

Check out this page that shows the options to choose that leads to a quote.

Roof Lantern Blind Measuring Guide

A simple way to measure for a roof lantern blind

How Much Do Motorised Roof Lantern Blinds Cost?

You’ll find that blinds ordered from an online provider will be significantly cheaper than a fully fitted ‘in person’ service. In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised!

You’ll find a significant cost saving in the following areas should you choose roof lantern blinds from an online provider: -

  • There is no fitting charge
  • Roof lantern blinds rarely require any additional wiring
  • They can reduce your heating bills
  • Lantern blinds can be solar-powered, so cheaper electricity bills

As to how much they actually cost, we’ve got a great guide right here.

Final Thoughts

Do roof lanterns need blinds? In reality, yes, they do. The best way to cover your roof lantern can depend on a number of factors.

While generally, nobody wants a completely dark room, there will be times when you need to reduce the light levels somewhat.

By choosing and fitting a great roof lantern blind, you’ll create the option to custom-tailor the light levels entering your home and will gain the best of all worlds.

Easy Lantern Blinds offer a quick and really affordable service. Why not start to assemble your own blind and see all of the options available to you. Alternatively, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Thanks for reading.


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