What is the best way to cover a skylight

What Is The Best Way To Cover A Roof Lantern - (UK Guide On Blinds For Skylights) 

Roof lanterns are a great way to make any room feel light and spacious. However, you might not always want direct sunlight streaming into your room. 

Your ideal solution is to fit a blind or cover for your roof lantern. Picking a reliable lantern blind company is vital, along with choosing the right cover.

In this article, we’ll show you how.

What Are Roof Lanterns?

Think of roof lanterns like a three-dimensional window.

They are normally a glass structure that sits above a room or an orangery. The idea is that they create a feeling of space, bathing your chosen room in natural sunlight that is similar to a conservatory.

They are ideal for flat roofs and work exceptionally well in open-plan style rooms and spaces where you need as much light as possible.

You can learn more about roof lantern covers in our ultimate guide right here.

What is the best way to cover a skylight

Are Roof Lanterns a Good Idea?

Roof lanterns can be a very good idea. Suppose you have a room (particularly in single story extensions) where light has to reach further or a room that isn’t naturally facing the sun during the day. In that case, a roof lantern can transform the look and room’s feel.


Constant direct sunlight isn’t always preferable. There are days when you may not want your room to be quite as bright.

The easiest solution is to fit a great quality roof lantern cover.

So, can you put a blind on a roof lantern? You absolutely can and we have an article answering this question here.

Do You Need to Cover a Roof Lantern?

By creating the ability to cover a roof lantern easily, you give yourself the best of all worlds. A roof lantern cover gives you options.

  • You can go full bright when you want to create the feeling of space. 
  • You also have the flexibility to create lower light levels when the situation demands.

Just like having a dark room, a lantern without a cover is an absolute. Generally, it is better to have one fitted. 

Best Roof Lantern Blinds

An example of a blackout roof lantern cover

What Are the Benefits of Covering a Roof Lantern?

There are numerous benefits to covering a roof lantern. Consider things such as: -

Flexibility – With a cover, you are in complete control of the amount of sunlight entering your room. You have the option to go full bright, full dark, or anywhere in between.

Privacy – If your home or room is overlooked, you may not desire giving people a continuous ‘birds-eye view’. A cover helps to keep your private space private.

Comfort – Those with bright rooms will know that squinting for long periods can become pretty tiring on the eyes. By being able to custom tailor the light levels, you can increase your own comfort.

Screens – During bright conditions, it can be hard to see screens. Whether watching something on TV or trying to complete some work on a computer, you can get a better viewing experience by fitting a roof lantern cover.

Temperature – Here’s the thing about direct sunlight. It can get a little hot. By covering a roof lantern, you’ll be able to keep your room nice and cool.

Roof lantern blinds are easy to use and maintain as well. They can even add a touch of style to your home, especially when they are motorised.

Check out this short video clip of an automated roof lantern cover in use...

The Best Way to Cover a Roof Lantern?

You could try and go it alone, but there are better and easier solutions. There are a few things you need to consider before purchasing a roof lantern cover: -

Good Fitting

You will need your roof lantern cover to be a perfect fit. Getting this right can be more difficult than it sounds. The slightest gap will reduce the cover’s effectiveness.


You will want a lantern cover that is in keeping with the décor of a room. Be sure to pick a good supplier with plenty of options.

Power Source

Cables, drawstrings, tangled pull chains? Forget that. Ideally, a roof lantern cover needs to be electrically controlled. The good news is there are several options, these include: -

Solar-powered blind controls
•Battery-powered roof lantern covers
•Mains connected lantern blinds

We have a whole article on motorised options for roof lantern blinds here.

Sun Blocking

How much light do you want to enter the room? The good news is that if you choose the right lantern cover provider, you get to choose.

Generally, there are two options to consider. You can pick a translucent cover or alternatively block out all light with a blackout blind.


Finally, you need to pick an easy to control roof lantern cover. There are lots of options, such as: -

  • Manual remote control
  • Wall-mounted lantern cover control switches
  • Automatic smart controllers

Check out the following picture examples...

hand remote for roof lantern blind

Manual, Wireless Controller

Wall Control For Roof Lantern Blind

Wall Switch

Somfy Tahoma

Smart Controller

Final Thoughts…

Unless your room is extremely dark, you will need a roof lantern cover.

The best roof lantern blinds are well fitted, easy to operate and allows you to tailor your light levels. What is the best way to cover a roof lantern?

Choose a reliable company that can offer all of the above. Easy Lantern Blinds offer a quick and affordable service.

Why not contact us if you have any questions on the best way to cover a roof lantern. Alternatively, please check out the link below to design a blind and get an instant quote.

Thanks for reading.


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