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We started this business having had a roof lantern installed on our rear extension which would house our living room. We have bi-fold doors looking out to a south facing garden. At times, during summer the room was unusable. When searching the internet for a simple blind price we were surprised to find it wasn’t straight forward and some of the quotes we received were much higher than anticipated.

After a lengthy search and many phone calls we finally found a UK manufacturer who makes a quality product at an affordable price. Our mission is to offer a high class product, simplify the buying process, with no hidden costs showing they don’t have to cost the Earth.

Our story

Our current home was originally an outdated 2 bed bungalow. We added a rear extension and at the point of design our architect suggested a large aluminium/glass roof lantern. The new space was to house our new living room, situated at the rear of our house looking out to our south facing garden with bi-fold doors.
6 months after the work commenced, we moved in to our new home and almost immediately realised the sun trap that our living room was!

We were in no rush to find a solution, but we knew at some point we would need a blind for the lantern. The first year or two we kidded ourselves that it was bearable without one, often joking about being able to get a sun tan whilst watching the TV! However, the reality was that it just didn't feel normal having to
wear sunglasses just to sit on our sofa.

When shopping for a blind all the quotes we received were around the £2,000 to £5000. The lantern itself was only £1500 fitted! Even though at times, the living room would be too intense to use, we also couldn’t justify spending this kind of money on a blind. As such, we attempted to source a blind for a reasonable price. After many phone calls and searching we finally found a UK manufacturer who didn’t cost a fortune.

Asking what the catch was we discovered the blinds had cables running from end to end. We were sceptical because we felt this may look ugly. We weighed up the pros and cons. My husband stated he could keep searching for one without cables but the cheapest was double the price of the one with and felt something was better than nothing.

We gambled and purchased the blind with cables. My husband, not new to DIY took measurements, purchased the frost thermal blackout blind with rechargeable battery and remote control for a 4m x 1.6m blind. Approximately 2 weeks later the blind arrived and we had it fitted and working within an hour. I remember after the frame was fitted and when both ends of the blind had to be clipped to the frame widths, my husband and dad were worried about snapping the cables.

A quick call to the manufacturer relayed their fears and it was normal to think this. He advised one person holds one clipped end in place whilst the other, using gentle encouragement, they continued to push the second end towards the frame until it clipped in place. The Somfy remote control has a neat feature. It came with a wall hook and has a range of around 20m. It doesn't have to be within sight of the lantern and could
be placed anywhere in the house.

My husband and I both discussed what would be the point in having any other method besides rechargeable battery and the hand remote control which effectively doubles as a wall switch.
The immediate difference our new blind made was considerable. We opted for the thermal blackout due to its thermal properties. Another negative of the lantern and bi-fold doors was a draught from time to time. It wasn’t unbearable just slightly irritating.

Since the blind has been installed there is now no draught at all, making us realise it had been coming from the lantern. It's also a delight not having to wear sunglasses sat on my sofa and not having to wait until 10pm in summer to be able to watch TV!

Regarding the cables, within a day we forgot they were even there, they are so unobtrusive. It seemed daft to us to spend double on an alternative just to avoid the cables. We were really pleased with our purchase.
A couple of years have passed during which time, I have noticed a common theme between people I encounter with lanterns, that being they rarely had blinds due to the same reasons we faced.

We then felt the need to spread the word and really stand by this product and thought why not retail these blinds ourselves? We cannot recommend it highly enough. It's amazing to be able to now turn our
sun trapped living room into a pitch-black cinema room or slightly open just to keep a little bit of sunlight coming through.

In my opinion, anyone who has a lantern really should consider our product, we are certain you won't be disappointed.


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