Troubleshooting Guide For Roof Lantern Blinds

Troubleshooting Guide For Roof Lantern Blinds Image

We’re confident that you will be happy with your new blind. As with anything, sometimes issues arise. Here are few frequently asked questions from customers and how to deal with these issues should they arise.

My blind isn’t responding when I press the remote

This may seem like a simple solution but is often the main cause for this - have you fully charged the battery? Even if you have a solar panel, this only trickle charges the blind and keeps it topped up. Every now and again, the battery needs a full charge for a good few hours.

The battery can easily be charged next to a plug socket by removing the wires attached to the battery, slipping the battery out from its brackets and plugging it in to the charger that came with your blind.

Once fully charged, the battery can be slipped back in to the brackets and wires plugged back in again. Please note that the light on the charger will change from green to red to indicate it is fully charged.

I’ve fully charged my battery and it’s still not doing anything 

Your remote could have become unpaired from the remote. To re-pair it, please follow these instructions:

  • Plug your blind in to the power.
  • Blind should jog once - one jog is once forward and once backwards. If it jogs more than this, please DO NOT proceed with the rest of these instructions. 
  • Hold the reset button on the blind (a small button located above the blind generally above where the battery is) in for ONE JOG ONLY - immediately remove your finger so there will be no more jogs
  • Press briefly on the small red reset button on the reverse of the remote, the blind will jog once.

The remote is now paired to the blind. 

I’ve charged my battery and nothing is happening still - the blind isn’t responding at all and there are no jogs

Please send us a photo of the charging port where the charger attaches to the battery.

Send this to our email address: or WhatsApp to 07391 254 879 

My blind isn’t closing fully - there’s a gap where it should be closing 

Do you know that the blind can only close from the fully open position? Try opening your blind fully and then closing again.

If your blind is still stopping short, the end point just needs resetting. To do this, please follow these instructions: 

  • Close the blind until it stops short
  • Press up/down on remote until the blind jogs.
  • Press and hold close, until the blind is fully closed.
  • Once fully closed, press and hold the ‘my’ button until the blind jogs again.

This will restore the end point and it shouldn’t happen again. 

If not able to do these yourself, we do offer a call out service where one of our specialists can come and do them for you for £150 (excluding parking, congestion and ulez charges)

Please contact us if you’d like to book in for this service.


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