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Here at Easylanternblinds we are passionate about ensuring you order just the right blind for your needs. Checkout our 5 step process to create your perfect blind.

5 Steps to choosing your perfect blind



Measure where your blinds will go. Accuracy is important here so please check out the measurement guide below


Pick a Colour

Choose from our 8 colours featured below.


Pick a Power Source

We have 3 types of power options, Solar, Mains or Battery. Again more information below.


Choose a fabric type

We have two different fabric types to choose from a Translucent fabric or a thermal blackout blind. More information on these fabric types below.


Choose a control

Our blinds come with three control types to choose from in two available colours (black or white). The options are a hand remote, wall switch or a smart controller. Again more information on these can be seen below.

Measuring your Blind

Accuracy in measuring for your blind is really important as they are tailor made for your needs. When ordering your blind, we ask for the following 5 measurements to be taken...

Measuring Guide

A1 = One side of the top of recess

A2 = Middle of the recess

A3 = The other side of the recess (opposite to A1)

B1= Length of the left side of the recess

B2 = Length of the right side of the recess

You would also need to advise us on whether you would like the blind to open and close from either A1 or A3.

For more information on measuring for your blinds, please check out our FAQs page here. Or if you have any questions please contact us through our contact form here.

If you would rather not have the hassle of measuring and installing the blind, we do provide a measuring and installation service which you can find more info on here.

Choosing a Colour

Choose from one of these 8 colours:

Please note that our blinds are cellular pleated and the pictures are two shades to show the pleat effect. The actual colour is the lighter shade. We can supply a full sample pack for £6.95 including delivery so you can see first hand.




Light Beige


Medium Beige

Medium Brown

Medium Brown

Light Grey

Light Grey

Ash Grey

Ash Grey

Medium Grey

Medium Grey


Dark Grey



Dark Denim Blue

Dark Denim Blue

Black & White Mix Light

Black & White Mix Light

Black & White Mix Dark

Black & White Mix Dark

Pick a Power Source

Choose from either Solar Power, Battery or Mains Powered Blinds

Solar Panel




easy lantern blinds


Choose a fabric type

There are two fabric types to choose from, either translucent or blackout. The differences between the two are covered in our FAQs page.





Choose a control

Choose from either a hand remote, wall switch or smart controller in either black or white.

manual control



Wall Switch


Smart Controller

Need More help deciding?

Our FAQs page should answer the majority of questions you may have. If however you need more help in deciding on your perfect blind, that's no problem. Please contact us via our contact form here and we will gladly help! If you're decided please click on the button below to proceed.


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