Conservatory Roof Blinds - Complete Guide

Conservatory Roof Blinds - (Complete Guide)

Conservatories are a fantastic and cost-effective way of extending your home. The caveat to them, however, is that they can get stifling hot in the summer, and ice cold in the winter.

So what's the solution?

Well, for the summer months, you could install a very costly air condition unit that, with rising energy prices, would also be extortionate to operate. In the winter months, the costs will continue with the likelihood that you will need to be heating it almost constantly if you use the conservatory often.

There is a cheaper solution, however…

Blinds, and in particular conservatory roof blinds.

These will not only make your conservatory more comfortable all year round, but they also will add a touch of ‘style’ to your conservatory, especially if you opt for a motorised option. 

Finding the right conservatory roof blinds at a decent price can be tricky. Because of this, we have written this ultimate guide to everything you need to know on blind solutions for your conservatory roof.

If you are in a rush and wish to skip straight to some conservatory roof blinds solutions, you can do so below.

Advantages Of Conservatory Roof Blinds

As long as the conservatory roof blind you have chosen is of good quality and has been measured and fitted correctly, there are many advantages to conservatory roof blinds.

Room Temperature

As previously mentioned, temperature regulation is a key advantage.

The thermal qualities in the material of a good conservatory roof blind allow for heat to be retained in the winter but also allow for the deflection of the sun's rays that will keep the conservatory cooler in the summer.

Light Control

Another advantage of a conservatory roof blind is that you can control the amount of light entering the room.

The blinds on conservatory roofs can be partially opened to adjust lighting levels to suit activities such as reading, watching the television or working at a computer.

Other advantages that conservatory roof blinds can provide include:

  • Protecting your furniture and possessions from damaging UV rays.
  • Additional privacy if your conservatory is overlooked by other buildings.
  • Additional security by preventing your possessions to be on view.
  • Cost-saving benefits through heat and light regulation.
  • Adds additional style and colour to the room to suit your tastes.
advantages of conservatory roof blinds

Conservatory roof blinds can be customised to help regulate light & temperature

Disadvantages Of Roof Blinds On Conservatories

There are always pros and cons when considering most things, and conservatory roof blinds are no exception. Here are some disadvantages to consider before purchasing.

Difficulties To Fit

The feature that makes a conservatory, a conservatory, is lots of glass. 

This can be great until you want to fit a roof blind. Fitting requires attaching fixings to areas that will house the mechanism and withstand the required weight. This may require some additional work before the blind is fitted.

Awkward Roof Shapes

Conservatories come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, as do the roofs on them. Blinds with straight edges may not cover the whole roof if there are many curves and edges. You may have to install the blind a lot lower than the actual roof to ensure full coverage.

Sagging Material

If your conservatory is quite long and wide, then the material on certain blind types may sag slightly. As a result, in these circumstances, you would have to consider what blind type you get and how it is installed. 

There are some solutions to this detailed in the coming sections of this article.

Manual Or Electric Conservatory Roof Blinds?

Quite often, we get asked if there is such thing as an electric conservatory roof blind. Well, the simple answer to this is yes there is.

Not only that, they are by far the more superior option compared to manual roof blinds.

Electric conservatory blinds add a bit of style to the room and are a lot more convenient. There are various control options available and you won't have to put up with unsightly draw cords hanging down.

One of the solutions to mitigate some of the disadvantages of conservatory roof blinds is to have more than one blind with them running width-ways rather than the whole length.

This would then prevent the sagging effect you will face with long blinds running lengthways and it also could resolve the fitting dilemma which comes with lots of glass panels.

The caveat to running multiple manual blinds is that there would be multiple cords which can be laborious to open and close.

With electric conservatory roof blinds, you can have one controller that operates all of the blinds simultaneously. You could also go really fancy, and have this whole process automated through voice control.

The following video shows motorised roof lantern blinds being operated through this method. The same principle would apply to 2 or more conservatory roof blinds running width ways.

How Do Electric Conservatory Roof Blinds Work?

Electric roof blinds operate through the use of a small rota that, when activated, turns the blind shaft (and subsequently the tube the blind is attached to) in the required direction.

Some motorised roof blinds have very fine (almost invisible) clear cables running through them. These cables help maintain rigidity within the blinds and prevent sagging.

You can get electric conservatory roof blinds that have absolutely no cables running through them at all. These tend to be a lot more expensive and also come with the problem of potentially sagging as support within the blind is limited. 

Different Motor Options

There are various options on how the motor is powered. These include the following:

mains power

Mains Power:-

The blind is simply powered by plugging it into your mains electric circuit. The advantage to this is that it is very quick and easy but the disadvantage is that you will have to either put up with or hide the unsightly cable.


Battery Power:-

The battery-powered option is probably the easiest to install and also eradicates the problem of trailing cables. It does come with the disadvantage, however, of having to be recharged.

Having said that the amount of battery power used by electric blinds is minimal so you should find the battery, on average, lasts approximately 2 months.

Solar Panel

Solar Power:- 

The solar-powered option, as the name suggests, is powered by solar energy with the panels attaching themselves to the glass of the conservatory or roof lantern.

The initial cost of the solar power option is more but it has the advantage of saving on your energy bill and would eventually pay for itself.

Control Options

On top of the power option for an electric conservatory blind, you will have to decide on a control option. This is basically, the method you would use to operate the blind. 

There are generally 3 controller options to choose from. These are as follows:

Somfy Situo 5

Wireless Remote Control: 

This is a simple handheld control where you would point and press the relevant button to open or close.

These controls can be purchased with multiple channels so if you have more than one electric blind in your home, you can simply pick what channel the particular blind is paired with.


Wall Mounted Switches:

This option is similar to a light switch where you would simply press either open or close on the switch to operate the blind. Like the wireless option, you can get wall-mounted switches with different channels so you can operate different blinds.


Smart Controller:

If you really wanted to indulge yourself, there is a smart controller option. This enables you to operate any blind within your home through voice activation.

What Size Conservatory Roof Blinds Can You Get?

With conservatories coming in all different shapes and sizes, most blind companies will offer a bespoke service that manufactures your blind to the exact measurements that you need.

At easy lantern blinds, we can produce electric roof blinds ranging from 1-5 metres in length and 1-3m in width.  We ask for your exact measurements so we can make them fit your required space perfectly.

How Are Conservatory Roof Blinds Fitted?

Conservatory roof blinds are straightforward to fit with many people opting for the self-fit, DIY option

The blinds attach to a frame around the perimeter of the conservatory. Depending on the length of the space required, it may be a better option to install more than one blind widthways with a central bar between each one and have them all powered by one remote. This will add strength and rigidity if fixing points are difficult to achieve.

The following picture is an example of multiple blinds on a conservatory roof with a central bar running between each.

Conservatory Roof Blind

Roof blinds can be installed with some basic tools and a limited amount of knowledge of DIY. The electric blinds at easy lantern blinds come with full instructions and there is telephone support available for any advice.

If you would rather not fit the blind yourself, you could always opt for a professional fitting service to do the work for you. Despite adding to the total cost of your project you would have the peace of mind that the blind would be fitted professionally without you having to worry.

How Do You Measure For A Conservatory Roof Blind?

It’s important when measuring for a conservatory roof blind, that it's done accurately and not rushed. Any errors in measurements can cause additional costs to arise in rectifying mistakes.

Here are the steps to take when measuring for a conservatory roof blind…

  1. Measure 25mm down from the top edge of the recess. If you have a trim running down this top edge then measure 25mm below the trim to ensure there is enough gap for the blind rail to be fitted.

  1. Measure the width at the top middle and bottom of the opening, noting down all the measurements in mm.

  1. If choosing a motorised roof blind, you will need to decide what side the motor will go. We recommend that this be sited at the end that is least visual.

The following diagram shows more detail on how to measure for an electric conservatory roof blind.

Roof Lantern Blind Measuring Guide

What Colours Can You Get For A Conservatory Roof Blind?

If you are in the market for a conservatory roof blind you will no doubt have the opinion that the blind is a statement and a feature in its own right. For this reason, it’s important that the right colour is chosen that compliments the decor in the conservatory.

Most good blind companies will offer different colour options to choose from. At easy lantern blinds, we have 12 colours that should suit most needs if you are looking for a good match or complimenting contrast.

Here are the colour options available...(Please note that our blinds are cellular pleated and the pictures are two shades to show the pleat effect. The actual colour is the lighter shade.)




Light Beige


Medium Beige

Medium Brown

Medium Brown

Light Grey

Light Grey

Ash Grey

Ash Grey

Medium Grey

Medium Grey


Dark Grey



Dark Denim Blue

Dark Denim Blue

Black & White Mix Light

Black & White Mix Light

Black & White Mix Dark

Black & White Mix Dark

Are Conservatory Roof Blinds Blackout Or Translucent?

The short answer is, that you can get both. The blackout material resolves a lot of the heat issues you can face with conservatories in the summer and winter. 

The translucent material can be a nice feature allowing some degree of natural light through the roof if this is an important feature to you.

The thermal properties of blackout blinds make them the most popular option out of the 2 as this advantage is the main reason why they are purchased.





Are Electric Conservatory Roof Blinds Noisy?

The motor that powers automatic conservatory blinds is relatively small. The blinds are light and therefore the amount of power needed to operate them is less.

With just a little amount of power required and a small motor, the noise it emits is very limited. It's more of a gentle whirring sound that you can hear with the blind being operated.

With ambient noise in the room, you will hardly hear the blind opening or closing at all.

How Much Do Electric Conservatory Blinds Cost?

There are many options to choose from when considering a conservatory roof blind. These include the following:

  • Length

  • Width

  • Power Source

  • Control Option

  • Colour

  • Material Type

  • Self-fit or installed professionally

Depending on what options you choose will depend on the cost of the blind.

Frustratingly, most blind companies have to be contacted to then provide you with a quote, usually via email. This can be annoying as most people when researching would prefer an instant idea of the price.

To prevent this frustration, you can always use our handy price calculator whereby you simply select your preferred options via a dropdown menu and a price is shown there and then.

Final Thoughts

Conservatories have many advantages to them but one of the main disadvantages is the heat issues you can experience in both winter and summer.

A great resolution to this issue are conservatory roof blinds, and in particular, electric conservatory roof blinds.

Easy Lantern blinds offer a fantastic, professional service than can add functionality and style to your conservatory at a cost-effective price.

There are many custom options to choose from and the customer service on offer is exceptional.

If you need any advice, tips or indeed any general questions on conservatory roof blinds, as well as Orangery, Apex or Lantern blinds, then you can use this simple contact form and we’ll see what we can do for you. 

Thanks for reading and we hope you find the perfect conservatory blind to suit all your needs.


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