Measuring & Installation Service

We now provide a measuring and installation service, however, due to having to outsource this to an external partner, we wanted to make you aware that you may be able to find a more cost effective solution by contacting a reputable local tradesman.

Our entire ethos is to be affordable. Our blinds are so easy to measure and install we would advise you to have a go yourself but if this isn't an option, our second preferred method would to look for a handyman with plenty of good reviews on checkatrade or for recommendations from friends or people local to your area using social media.

However, if you want peace of mind and a guarantee the blind will be measured and installed without any issues then by all means utilise our own service which is priced at £350 for installation only or £440 for measure and install.

There is also an option for us to provide a silicone finish to the install. We have found that some customers prefer us to do this where as some do not. If this is something you would like us to do with the installation of the blind then please select this from the drop down menu option. The silicone finish option is priced at £80.

If you require your blinds to be wired into the mains circuit, you would have to arrange for a qualified electrician to do this for you as this isn't covered in the installation. N.b. The Battery and solar panel options do not need to wired into the mains so no electrician will be required.

A requirement for fitting the blinds is an assumption that there will be a suitable fixing present for the blind frame to be screwed into. The cost of the the measuring and installation service assumes that a suitable fixing is already present. Please contact us if this is not the case in order for us to work out a solution.

To utilise our service when ordering please select from the drop down list when specifying your blind requirements. All we ask for are approximate measurements to the best of your ability and once payment is received for the blind and preferred installation service, we will send someone to your address to professionally measure and will book the installer in for a date that suits.

Our current delivery time when providing measurements yourself is 3 to 5 weeks from payment. If you require someone else to measure this will hold up delivery by a few days whilst we book someone in to visit your property.

Many thanks for you interest in our blinds

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