Apex Window Blinds - Full Guide On Choosing A Gable-End Blind

An Apex Window Blind

Apex windows (also known as Gable-end windows) are a real statement feature in a home, providing lots of natural light and style to a room. But choosing a suitable blind for them can be challenging. This guide will take a detailed look at apex window blinds – their benefits, different types and installation tips.

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Why Choose Blinds For Apex Windows

Big windows and natural light is a beautiful thing. But sometimes beautiful things come with a price! Large windows allow the sun's rays to penetrate into your home. This can, over time, damage furniture and cause certain materials to fade in colour. It can also heat up a room quite considerably in the warmer months causing it to be quite uncomfortable to be in. 

The reverse can also be said in the colder months as glass doesn't have the same thermal qualities as modern-day brick-built walls. Rooms with large windows in winter can considerably increase the heating cost of the room if it is to be comfortably habitable.

The best solution to these dilemmas is a good quality Gable-end blind.

Blind Options For Your Gable-End Windows

The 2 key considerations to make when choosing a gable-end blind are what material type to choose and what control mechanism to pick to open and close it. Getting these 2 options right is important to make the blind as efficient and as user-friendly as possible. Let's take you through some of the options to consider…

Control Mechanism

There are manual and electric options to control an Apex blind. The manual option is cheaper but has the disadvantage of unsightly cords hanging down as well as the effort required in opening and closing them.

The far more superior option is to motorise your apex window blind. This option is more expensive but offers a more sleek look and is effortless to use.

How Electric Gable-End Blinds Are Powered

If you have decided that the superior electric blinds are for you then you next need to decide on how they are to be powered. There are 3 options to this and these are mains power, battery or solar power. Here's a summary of each option:

mains power

Mains Power:-

The blind is powered through either a conventional plug into a mains socket or hard wired to a fused spur using a transformer.

The advantage to this is that it is very quick and easy to do but the disadvantage is that you will have to either put up with or hide the unsightly cable. Alternatively, you could hire an electrician to provide a socket near to your blind.


Battery Power:-

The battery-powered option is the easiest to install and also eradicates the problem of trailing cables. It does come with the disadvantage, however, of having to be recharged.

The amount of battery power used by the apex blinds is minimal so you should find the battery lasts approximately 2 months.

Solar Panel

Solar Power:- 

The solar-powered option allows the recharge of the battery via solar energy so you don't have to physically charge it yourself. The panels attach themselves to the glass which are then connected to the battery.

The initial cost of the solar power option is more but it has the advantage of saving on your energy bill and would eventually pay for itself.

How Are The Electric Blinds Controlled

Once you have decided on how to power your blinds, you next need to decide on how you are going to control them. Again, there are 3 options for this. These are via a wall switch, via a remote control or via a voice-activated smart controller. Here's a summary of these 3 options:


Wall Mounted Switches:

This option is similar to a light switch whereby it is fixed to the wall and you simply activate the blind through the press of a button.

You can purchase wall-mounted switches with different channels so you can operate different blinds in the property.

Somfy Situo 5

Wireless Remote Control: 

Similar to a TV remote, this simple handheld control activates the blind by pointing and pressing the relevant button to open or close it.

Similar to the wall-mounted option, these controls can be purchased with multiple channels to control different blinds within your home.


Smart Controller:

If you want to be really fancy, then there is a smart controller option. This enables you to operate any blind within your home through voice activation similar to that on an Alexa or Siri device.


With the control mechanism decided, the next consideration is the material of your apex window blind. The first decision is whether you opt for a cellular or flat material. This decision is largely down to personal preference and the look that you are seeking to achieve. The cellular material however has better thermal properties than the flat material and, as such, is quite often the preferred choice for large windows.

The cellular material of roof blinds

A close up of the popular, cellular material on a blind

The final decision on the material type is whether you would prefer a blackout type material or a more translucent type. Again, this is largely down to self-preference and what you are seeking to achieve with the blind. 

If temperature regulation is the key factor in obtaining a blind then the blackout option may be best as this has greater thermal properties than the translucent material. However, if you are looking at just reducing the glare in the room and would still like some light to penetrate, even when the blind is closed, then the translucent option would be best.


Translucent Material


Blackout Material

If you have any further questions on the material type to use for your apex window blind then feel free to contact us here and we will be more than happy to help.

How To Measure & Install An Apex Blind

Unfortunately, Gable-end windows don't come in a one size fits all package. Each window is unique and is often made bespoke to fit the space perfectly. For this reason, blinds for your apex windows also need to be manufactured specifically for the intended window.

Due to the bespoke nature of gable-end blinds, providing precise measurements is very important.

At Easy Lantern Blinds we can make this job much easier by providing a specific template to assist with the detailed measurements. Some customers use a local carpenter to do this job for them or to take all this hassle away, we provide a measuring and installation service.

How Much Do Apex Window Blinds Cost

Gable-end blinds are very complicated to manufacture and are always made bespoke to the specific window they are intended for. Due to the complexities involved throughout the whole manufacturing process, the cost of an Apex window blind starts at £1500. The actual price will depend on the size of the blind and also any extra accessories you would desire to go with it.

Virtually all companies that supply apex window blinds will ask you to contact them for a quote. At Easy lantern blinds there is a simple contact form to fill out and our friendly customer service team will provide a quote as well as answer any questions you have.

Pros & Cons Of Electric Gable-End Blinds

With most things, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider before purchasing. An electric apex blind is a sizeable investment and as such it's important to understand the pros and cons of them before purchasing.


  • Prevents harmful UV rays from damaging furniture and furnishings.
  • Ability to regulate the room temperature in both the warmer and colder months.
  • Adds additional privacy and security if you are overlooked by neighbours.
  • Provides additional style and colour to your room.


  • They are expensive
  • It can be complicated to measure and install

Final Thoughts

Choosing a good quality Apex window blind can finish off a room perfectly as well as provide many additional benefits as mentioned in this article.

At easy lantern blinds, we supply quality, bespoke electric gable-end blinds in a variety of colours, control, and power options. We have a great customer service team that are always happy to help and answer any questions you have. You can contact us and find out more about our apex window blinds on the link below.

If you are considering electric blinds in any other areas of your property we have some more useful guides on roof lantern blinds, electric conservatory blinds and blinds for orangery roofs.

Many thanks for reading.


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