Conservatory Electric Roof Blinds

Conservatory Roof Blinds

Conservatory electric roof blinds can really make the difference to the comfort of your space, particularly in the warmer and colder months of the year with their light & temperature regulation benefits.

However, many people are often put off with the complexities that a conservatory brings when adding a roof blind to it.

Here at Easy Lantern Blinds, we have found a way to make it both easy and cost effective. We make our blinds fit your space with all different shapes, sizes, colours and power options available. And to top it all off, our customer service is absolutely the best out there.

Checkout our products below as well as some answers to the frequently asked questions we get.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Conservatory Electric Roof Blinds

What are the advantages of conservatory electric roof blinds?

Installing high quality electric roof blinds in your conservatory can provide numerous benefits. One of the main advantages is the ability to regulate room temperature more effectively.

The advanced thermal material used in roof blinds allows heat to be retained in winter, keeping your conservatory warmer. During summer, the blinds can deflect sunlight and prevent overheating, helping to keep your conservatory comfortably cool.

Additional key benefits of electric roof blinds include:

  • Protecting furniture and possessions from fading due to harsh UV rays
  • Increased privacy from being overlooked by neighbours
  • Enhanced security by obscuring views into the conservatory
  • Potential energy savings through better regulation of heating and cooling
  • Adding stylish colour and design to complement your conservatory décor

Are there any disadvantages to conservatory electric roof blinds?

Installing roof blinds on conservatories can present some challenges, such as difficulties fitting blinds on the many glass panes, covering awkward conservatory roof shapes with straight-edged blinds, and potential sagging of the blind material on large or wide conservatories.

Fortunately the solution we provide at Easy Lantern Blinds mitigates the majority of these issues in a cost effective way

What is the best and most cost effective solution for a conservatory electric roof blind?

Conservatory roofs can often contain numerous panes of glass and the majority of the conservatory roof blinds you see on the market today involve a separate blind for each pane. This type has 3 distinct disadvantages; firstly they are more expensive as each separate blind needs to be bespoke. Secondly, to operate them often involves each blind to be open or closed separately which can be time consuming. Thirdly, maintenance and cleaning can again be a burden and equally as costly.

The solution?

One or two blinds that operate with a click of a button and that seamlessly covers your conservatory in seconds.

Check them out in this following demonstration...

What sizes do these conservatory roof blinds come in?

Conservatory roofs vary widely in dimensions. We recognise this so offer a truly bespoke service. Customising your blinds dimensions ensures a perfect fit for optimal light and temperature control.

Our range varies with sizes from 1000mm to 5000mm long and 1000mm to 3000mm wide to accommodate most needs. 

For larger conservatories exceeding 5000mm, using two blinds meeting at a central bar works better than an overly long single blind that becomes too heavy. 

Here is an example of two of our blinds meeting for covering a large roof window...

How do I measure for a conservatory roof blind?

The following illustration shows how to effectively measure the space for a conservatory roof blind. 

Conservatory electric roof blinds measuring guide

How do conservatory electric roof blinds work?

There are 3 options we provide to power our motorised conservatory blinds.

  • Mains Power
  • Battery Power
  • Solar Panel Powered

They are operated from the use of a remote control, wall switch or a smart, voice activated controller.

Are the cables on motorised conservatory blinds visible?

No, the cables are very discreet and can hardly be seen.

Are our conservatory electric rood blinds noisy?

The small, efficient motors used for automatic conservatory blinds operate quietly with minimal noise. Powered by solar energy or electricity, the motor gently winds chords to raise and lower the lightweight blinds along the rails with little resistance.

At most, you may notice a soft whirring sound that is unobtrusive and easily drowned out by ambient noise in the room.

Can you self-fit our conservatory roof blinds?

Installing electric conservatory roof blinds yourself is entirely possible, saving you both time and money compared to hiring professionals who charge for measuring, fitting, and multiple visits.

With basic DIY tools and following the detailed step-by-step instructions included with our blinds, you can easily self-fit an identical quality blind as the pros would provide.

Opting to self-install means conveniently fitting your blind when you want without costly professional fees.

If however, you would prefer a completely hands-off approach we offer a unique measure & install service which you wont find with hardly any other providers.

Are conservatory roof blinds blackout or translucent?

The short answer is, that you can get both. The blackout material resolves a lot of the heat issues you can face with conservatories in the summer and winter.

The translucent material can be a nice feature allowing some degree of natural light through the roof if this is an important feature to you.

The thermal properties of blackout blinds make them the most popular option out of the two as this advantage is the main reason why they are purchased.

Here is a picture of both material types...





What colour do our blinds come in?

Here is a full range of colours available...




Light Beige


Medium Beige

Medium Brown

Medium Brown

Light Grey

Light Grey

Ash Grey

Ash Grey

Medium Grey

Medium Grey


Dark Grey



Dark Denim Blue

Dark Denim Blue



Black & White Mix Dark

Black & White Mix Dark

Colour is obviously an important choice so to help make up your mind, you may want to order a sample pack that showcases all our colours.

If you have any further questions, we have a comprehensive guide that may help or alternatively please ring or message us on 07391 254879.

Alternatively you may want to have a go at designing your own electric conservatory roof blind now.


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