How to motorise a roof lantern blind

How To Motorise A Skylight Blind - (UK Tips & Advice On Automating A Roof Lantern Blind) 

In today's age, convenience is king. To get the right light levels, you are going to need to adjust your skylight blinds.

Automation is the answer.

With a range of options, both in control and power, plus the option for quick and cost-effective blind fitting, it can be a great solution. 

In this article, we will look at how to motorise a skylight blind and explain some of the options available.

Can You Motorise a Skylight Blind?

The quick answer?

Yes, you absolutely can! In fact, it is by far the best option when it comes to choosing a skylight blind. The same principles for skylights are the same for lanterns, conservatory, and orangery roof blinds.

While there may be options to retrofit an existing blind, it can be more cost-effective to consider replacing the entire blind completely.

How to motorise a roof lantern blind

A custom roof lantern blind with a motor will be more reliable and perfectly fit any skylight size.

Do You Need to Motorise a Skylight Blind?

You might be able to get away with a non-motorised skylight blind. Still, in truth, the circumstances in which this is practical are limited. The best roof lantern blinds are definitely those that are motorised.

There are plenty of great reasons to motorise a skylight blind. Such as: -

Convenience – With the weather being what it is in the UK, you'll already appreciate that the sun isn't always shining. You can often get 'all four seasons' in one day! You will want to be able to adjust the levels of light entering the room accordingly.

If this means constantly getting up and down, this can soon grow tiring.

A far better solution would be to be able to raise and lower your skylight blinds at the press of a button.

• Practicality – 'Skylight', the clue is in the name. Skylights tend to be pretty high up, and if you are using skylight blinds in anything other than a low roofed loft conversion, you will have a hard time reaching the blinds in the first place.

In the past, skylights and roof lanterns came with a long pole with a hook and windable handle, used to unfurl and roll the blinds. Does that sound practical to you?

Thankfully, you no longer need to do this. Let a motor do all of the hard work and get rid of the pole.

• It Can be Energy Efficient – Renewable energy is fast gaining traction in a whole manner of areas. It is now possible to power a window blind entirely using solar energy! Because of how skylights are positioned, they are in the optimum place to capture the sun's power!

• There are Automated Options – If pressing a button still sounds like hard work, you can gain an extra layer of convenience. Depending on the motorised skylight blind you choose, you might find an option to automate the process entirely. Bright day, blind goes down, dark day, blind goes up. It really is that simple!

• Fitting – A blind that doesn't block light effectively isn't good value. Do you know what makes the best skylight blind? One that is fitted correctly. By choosing a professional service, you can ensure that your motorised blind does its job properly.

Check out the following video clip that shows a motorised skylight blind in action...

To learn more about skylight and roof lantern blinds, be sure to check out our complete and detailed guide.

How To Motorise a Skylight Blind?

Installing a motor on a skylight blind all on your own is not going to be easy if you are no good at DIY projects. If this is the case, instead, our best advice would be to seek the assistance of a professional company.

All you'll need to bring is your tape measure.

From there, provide accurate measurements, and they'll take care of the rest, providing perfect blinds and detailed fitting instructions.
The hardest part for you will be deciding on which option to go for.

Generally, there are three main types that you can choose from: -

Manual Motorised Skylight Blinds

The term 'manual' is often associated with being 'difficult', but this couldn't be further from the truth regarding skylight blinds.

Manual blinds work by using a portable remote control. This remote control is operated in exactly the same way as you would a TV. Press the up button to bring the blinds up. Press the down button to bring the blinds down.

The beauty of manually controlled systems is that you can alter the amount of light, regardless of where you are in the room. If there is a glare on the TV screen, you don't even have to move from the couch! 

hand remote for roof lantern blind

A manual control for a skylight blind

Switch Controlled Skylight Blinds

If you are forever losing the remote, a switch-controlled skylight blind could be the best option.

A wall switch follows the same principle as a manually controlled skylight blind, except the controller is always found in the same place (on the wall, instead of stuffed behind the couch cushions)

Wall switches aren't quite like light switches.


Because no wiring is required. While they are wall-mounted, they are wirelessly fitted, giving you all of the convenience without any of the hassles.

Wall Control For Roof Lantern Blind

A wall switch control for a skylight blind

Smart Controller For Skylight Blinds

This is by far the most convenient option. With a smart controller, you can program your blinds to open and close at given times of the day or based on changing light conditions.

You won't need an alarm clock if you fit these in your bedroom and set them up correctly. Being awoken refreshed with beautiful sunlight streaming in is a real touch of class and luxury.

You'll even find that some smart controllers can be integrated with other applications allowing you to control the blinds using your voice!

Somfy Tahoma

A smart control for a skylight blind

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to motorise a skylight blind doesn't require any specialist knowledge. As long as you know one end of a tape measure from another and can use it, you have all you need to get a motorised blind fitted.

And they probably cost less than you think too!. With perfect made to measure fittings and detailed guides, Easy Lantern blinds can provide what you need. 

Why not contact us and see what we can do for you?

Thanks for reading.


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