How much do skylight blinds cost

How Much Do Roof Lantern Blinds Cost - (Complete UK Guide On The Price Of Skylight Blinds) 

Good quality, a great fit and convenience are all important when choosing a good roof lantern blind for your room or orangery.

But we all know that the underpinning factor with any decision comes down to cost. How much do roof lantern blinds cost?

Probably much less than you’d think!

In this article, we will give you a detailed breakdown of the materials and components that go into our roof lantern blinds and even show you a few examples of how cheap they can be!

How Much Do Roof Lantern Blinds Cost?

A great roof lantern is the sum of its parts.

By assembling one using premium components, you can really be assured of its quality.

But what are those parts, and how do they influence cost? Read on to find out…

How much do skylight blinds cost

What Factors Effect The Cost Of A Roof Lantern Blind?

Blind Size

Part of picking the best blind for your roof lantern is choosing one of a suitable size. Because it has to fit perfectly, this is an area that you don’t want to neglect.

It stands to reason that the bigger the blind, the more it will cost. 

Material Type

Roof lantern blinds come in two finishes and these are translucent and blackout material.

Translucent blinds are made of lighter material that allows some light to permeate the fabric of the blind. This is a great choice for keeping rooms light, even with the blinds drawn.

Blackout blinds are designed to block all light. They tend to be thicker and of a much denser weave. They can also save you money by providing additional insulation and preventing heat from escaping (or entering).

While you might think that blackout and translucent fabric for lantern blinds might incur cost differences, the good news is that they are, in fact, identical in price! So choose based on the qualities you require for your room.

Controller Type

You might be surprised to learn that there is a range of different options as to how you control your blinds. The options, in order of cost, starting with the lowest, are as follows: -

  • Remote control
  • Wall-mounted control
  • Smart control

If you want a rundown of how the above controllers all work, be sure to check our complete guide to roof lanterns here.

It is also worth considering that you’ll be saving money. Some of the controllers featured in our collection doesn't require internal wiring, meaning you don’t have to pay an electrician!

Check out 3 controller options as follows...

hand remote for roof lantern blind

Manual, Wireless Controller

Wall Control For Roof Lantern Blind

Wall Switch

Somfy Tahoma

Smart Controller

Power Source

Powering your roof lantern blinds couldn’t be easier. Again, no electrical know-how is required. The following options are available: -

  • Solar power
  • Battery power
  • Mains adaptor

It could be interesting to note that the solar power option can represent a saving over time. As long as there is daylight, you’ll have a free source of energy powering your motorised blind. That’s right, the sun!

The following pictures show the power options available for roof lantern blinds.

Solar Panel




easy lantern blinds


Cost of Installation

How much do roof lantern blinds cost when it comes to installation?

This all depends on the route you go down. If you want somebody to attend and fit your blinds in person, this can get costly.

Do you want a cheaper solution?

Fit them yourself!

Provided you can accurately measure your roof lantern or window, you have all the information you’ll need to get perfectly fitted blinds! This can save significant outlay.

Blinds from come with detailed step-by-step fitting instructions meaning you don’t have to rely on a workman.

How Much do Roof Lantern Blinds Cost? - Some Examples

Let’s show you a breakdown of the cost of some of the best roof lantern blinds. We will use the same size of blind (2 metres x 2 metres) and accessorise it with different options so you can get a really good idea of how great value they can be.

And remember, by using an online lantern blind service, you won’t be paying for a fitting!

A Budget Friendly Option

A Mid-Range Option

A Luxury Option

Mains Power

Powered With Battery & Charger

Solar Power

Translucent Fabric

Blackout Fabric

Blackout Fabric

Wall Switch Controller

Manual, Wireless Controller

Smart Controller




The above prices are exactly representative of the online lantern blind builder found on our website, which is now live. No need to contact us for a quote and await a response. The price you see is the price you pay. It’s so simple.

How much do roof lantern blinds cost? Well, you can go in between our above examples and create one customised to suit your budget.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been shopping around wondering how much do roof lantern blinds cost, you may have been surprised! With the inclusion of parts, labour, delivery and fitting, those costs soon add up!

The easiest alternative to save money is to use a purely online service. You can gain an itemised breakdown of the cost and function of each component and swap out and change items to suit your budget.

With correct measurements, you can have perfectly fitted and easy to install roof lantern blinds delivered to your door.

Thanks for reading.

If you are interested in roof blinds for conservatories, we have a handy guide here for you.


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