Do roof lanterns make the room hot

Do Roof Lanterns Make The Room Hot? - (UK Guide On How To Regulate Room Temperature With A Skylight) 

Roof lanterns brighten a room by flooding it with natural light.

Along with enlivening your mood, direct sunlight can have another effect. Heat.

So do roof lanterns make the room hot?

They can, but fortunately, there are solutions.

In this article, we will look at why roof lanterns can make a room hot and what you can do to minimise this effect.

Do Roof Lanterns Make the Room Hot?

It isn't roof lanterns themselves that make the room hot.

In fact, if you pick a good quality roof lantern, you may find that they have properties designed to keep the room more temperature at all times.

K-Glass and low-g glass both have reflective properties designed to minimise room heating.


Do roof lanterns make the room hot

The sun is a star, and it's going to take more than a sheet of glass to stop it.

Roof lanterns are similar to conservatory roofs whereby they allow sunlight to penetrate into a room more thoroughly. How does this lead to increased temperature? To understand that, we need to address how heat (from any source) warms an area.

There are three types of heating: -

Conductive heating: - This is where an object is heated at one end, and the heat travels along the object.

Radiation heating: – This is where a warmed object emits heat. When you hold your hand up to a log fire, the direct heat you feel is a result of heat radiation

Convective heating: – This is the type of heating provided by climate control systems. An element grows warm and heats the air. This air travels to different areas making the room feel warm.

The last two types of heating are the main reasons why roof lanterns cause a room to grow warm. The sun shines on objects in the room (radiated heat). As these warm, they heat the air around them, leading to convective heating.

In the colder months, this might be quite nice, but it can make a room feel uncomfortable in warmer seasons.

So what's the answer?

It's simple. If you block the sunlight, it can't radiate into the room and make it hot. The best way to achieve this is with a roof lantern blind. There are two general types of roof lantern covers. Let's take a look at them...

Translucent Sun Lantern Blinds

The term translucent means that light can pass through but in limited amounts. The level of translucency depends entirely on the density of the fabric used.

Anyone who has bought cheap, highly translucent blinds will tell you that they are not that effective.

The greater the translucency, the more light can pass through. The more light passing through, the greater the heating effect.

Translucent sun lantern blinds can be good if you don't want the room to be completely dark or are looking for some light and simply want to reduce the sun's heating effect.


An example of a translucent roof lantern blind

Blackout Roof Lantern Blinds

Blackout roof lantern blinds are an ideal solution if strong sunlight is causing issues.

As the name would suggest, blackout blinds are designed to block all of the sunlight. While you might think that blackout blinds prevent a room from heating at all, this is not always the case.


Remember how we talked about radiation heating? The sun can warm a blackout blind, which in turn causes convective heating.

Which is best?

Well, it depends on the geometry of your room and where your roof lantern is positioned. The best advice would be to contact a professional roof lantern blind company that can offer expert guidance.

It is also worth noting that heat can radiate out of the glass too. While many roof lanterns are double glazed, you can minimise further heat loss with a well fitted blind.

best skylight blinds

An example of a blackout roof lantern blind

Do I Need a Roof Lantern Cover?

Almost certainly! When asked the question, do roof lanterns need blinds, we always respond yes.

Roof lantern covers allow you to control the level of light entering your room.

At the touch of a button, you can alter how much sunlight your room is subjected to, therefore finding it easy to manage the heat levels within.

Check out our ultimate guide on roof lanterns right here for more information.

Final Thoughts

It's no secret that the sun is pretty hot, so it stands to reason that more sunlight equals higher temperatures.

By providing your room or orangery with a roof lantern blind, you can customise the amount of sunlight, and therefore heat in the room.

Easy Lantern Blinds provides quality and cost-effective service. We also offer a variety of options along with expert guidance.

So whether you are looking for a translucent lantern cover or a complete blackout blind, you'll be able to find the best roof lantern blind for your specific circumstances.

Thanks for reading.


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