Can You Put A Blind On A Roof Lantern

Can You Put A Blind On A Roof Lantern? - (Questions answered On Skylight Blinds In The UK) 

Can you put a blind on a roof lantern? Of course, you can.

In fact, it might be easier to achieve than you think.

There are some really great roof lantern blind suppliers out there who can provide custom-fitted solutions with plenty of options.

In this article, we will explain a little about how roof lantern blinds work and the benefits you can gain from fitting one yourself.

Can You Put a Blind on a Roof Lantern?

Yes! And it is really easy too. In fact using a blind is the best way to cover a roof lantern.

 Most roof lanterns will have a square or rectangular base section. This area forms the ideal place to fit a roof lantern blind.

Provided you choose the right blind you’ll be able to get a really good result.

Can you put a blind on a roof lantern blind

What Is A Roof Lantern Blind?

A lantern blind is the same as a conservatory roof blind and is an ideal way to control both the light levels and temperature in your room.

They work really well to reduce glare, soften the light streaming into your room, and they actually are a really nice looking feature in their own right.

Roof lantern blinds don’t actually cover the roof lantern itself. Instead, they act as a kind of door, covering the aperture underneath the structure of the roof lantern. Because this is a flat surface, it makes fitting really easy.

Roof lantern blinds can have a manual system to open and close or can be motorised and automated. We thoroughly recommend the motorised versions.

Check one out in action in the following clip…

What Are The Benefits Of Roof Lantern Blinds?

When it comes to roof lantern blinds, there are numerous benefits to enjoy. These include the following:

1. Roof Lantern Blinds are Easy to Fit

The option does exist to have someone come over and measure for your blinds, then they go away, then they quote you a price…

Then you need to book a free day, and on top of all of the above, it costs a significant amount.


Roof lantern blinds are surprisingly easy to fit yourself. The only information you need to provide to an online provider is the size you require.

The blinds quickly arrive and can be fitted easily with a step-by-step guide.

Can you put a blind on a roof lantern? Yes, easily!

2. Roof Lantern Blinds Reduce Glare.

This is one of the main benefits of roof lantern blinds. Their main purpose is to reduce the amount of light. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy the area in which the lantern is fitted in relative comfort without having to squint.

3. Roof Lantern Blinds Dampen Noise.

For those living in noisy areas, windows and glass aren’t the best filters. A good roof lantern bland will help dampen any noises, such as traffic and aircraft, coming from outside.

4. Roof Lantern Blinds Can Compliment Your Décor.

While a roof lantern is a great feature, you don’t want your blind to be an eyesore. The good news is that with a great range of colour options.

Roof lantern blinds can actually form a nice eye-catching feature in their own right. Pick the right colour, and they will really compliment the room as a feature.

5. Roof Lantern Blinds Help Regulate Temperature.

Roof lanterns and skylights are, by nature, normally located pretty high up. Heat rises and, as a result, can pool and escape from these areas. By fitting a blind, you can add an extra layer of insulation that will prevent heat loss.

Conversely, you don’t want your home to be too hot. Direct sunlight can make a room uncomfortably warm.

By choosing a great quality roof lantern cover, you can reduce this dynamic heating effect, keeping your room at a suitable temperature.

best skylight blinds

A good roof lantern blind provides great insulation properties. 

How Do Roof Lantern Blinds Work?

Generally, you’ll find two types of roof lantern blinds: -

•Pleated roof lantern blinds
•Roof lantern roller blinds

Pleated blinds are a sheet that compresses in a concertina effect. These are a really good option if you have limited roof space.

The end of the blind is mounted on a moving rail that shuttles backwards and forwards, deploying the blind.
Roller blinds are mounted on a flat bar that travels along two side-mounted rails or side channels.

The blinds are activated by a motor that pushes the end of the blind up and down when needed.
They are normally controlled with some form of switch. This can be something as simple as a wall-mounted switch.

Still, some clever technology is also used, such as wireless remote controls and smart controller units where you can activate the blind with your voice!

Here is an example of 3 different controller types for motorised roof lantern blinds.

hand remote for roof lantern blind

Manual, Wireless Controller

Wall Control For Roof Lantern Blind

Wall Switch

Somfy Tahoma

Smart Controller

How Much Are Roof Lantern Blinds?

Roof lantern blinds do vary in cost. How much you pay depends on several factors.

This will include things such as: -

  • Roof lantern blind size
  • Material used
  • Power sources
  • Control types

For a detailed breakdown of roof lantern blind costs, along with some great examples of some of the best roof lantern blind options, be sure to check out our costing guide right here.

Final Thoughts

Can you put a blind on a roof lantern? Absolutely. And we mean that you can do it, personally.

In fact, this is by far the most cost-effective option.

If you want to look at some great quality roof lantern blinds, Easy Lantern Blinds has the ideal online solution. Pick your size, pick your options and order. It couldn’t be simpler!

If you would like more information, you can always check out our complete guide to roof lantern blinds here.

Thanks for reading.


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