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Electric Bifold & Sliding door blinds

Electric blinds for bifold and sliding doors provide a sleek, modern and simplistic way to ensure privacy while regulating light and temperature in your home.

If you are looking for an elegant shading solution for your beautiful bifold or sliding glass doors then look no further than our custom-fit electric blinds that are designed specifically for these large door systems.

With minimal visual interruption, our blinds allow you to maintain views while controlling light and privacy. Operating with a soft hum, these blinds offer a tranquil ambiance perfect for relaxing spaces. And to top it all off, our customer service is absolutely the best out there.

Check out this video of our electric door and window blinds in action...

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bifold & Sliding Door Electric Blinds

What are the advantages of our electric blinds?

Installing high quality electric roof blinds for your bifold, sliding doors or windows can provide numerous benefits...

  • Sleek design - Our electric bifold blinds use a slim 37mm headrail that blends into modern interiors. This creates a clean, integrated look.
  • Energy efficiency - The hexagonal honeycomb structure creates air pockets that reduce thermal transfer, helping regulate temperature. This provides both cooling in the warmer months and insulation when its cooler.
  • Low maintenance - Our blinds just need the occasional dusting or light vacuuming to keep clean. Easy to maintain.
  • Noise reduction - The honeycomb fabric helps minimise outside noise coming through the windows
  • Light regulation - Our blinds come in both blackout and translucent materials depending on your specific requirements.
  • Style & class - With a number of colour options available you can design your blind to compliment your interior décor.

How do our blinds work?

Our blinds work through the use of a small motor that winds in and out a series of discreet chords hidden within the rail. There are 3 different power options available to power the motor; solar, battery or mains.

Solar Panel

Solar Power:- 

The solar-powered option, as the name suggests, is powered by solar energy with the panels attaching themselves to the glass of the conservatory or roof lantern.

The initial cost of the solar power option is more but it has the advantage of saving on your energy bill and would eventually pay for itself.


Battery Power:-

The battery-powered option is probably the easiest to install and also eradicates the problem of trailing cables. It does come with the disadvantage, however, of having to be recharged.

Having said that the amount of battery power used by electric blinds is minimal so you should find the battery, on average, lasts approximately 2 months.


Wall Mounted Switches:

This option is similar to a light switch where you would simply press either open or close on the switch to operate the blind. Like the wireless option, you can get wall-mounted switches with different channels so you can operate different blinds.

In terms of controlling the motor there are again, 3 options available. These are remote control, a wall switch or a smart, voice activated option.

Somfy Situo 5

Wireless Remote Control: 

This is a simple handheld control where you would point and press the relevant button to open or close.

These controls can be purchased with multiple channels so if you have more than one electric blind in your home, you can simply pick what channel the particular blind is paired with.


Wall Mounted Switches:

This option is similar to a light switch where you would simply press either open or close on the switch to operate the blind. Like the wireless option, you can get wall-mounted switches with different channels so you can operate different blinds.


Smart Controller:

If you really wanted to indulge yourself, there is a smart controller option. This enables you to operate any blind within your home through voice activation.

If you have more than one blind, do you have to control them separately?

No, if you have more than one electric blind you can control them all at once. In fact if you combine your bifold blinds with our roof lantern blinds and maybe our apex window blinds then they can all work in sync with each other.

Check this video out to see an example of this in action...

What sizes do the blinds come in?

Bifolds and sliding doors vary widely in dimensions. We recognise this so offer a truly bespoke service. Customising your blinds dimensions ensures a perfect fit for optimal light, temperature control and privacy.

Our range varies with sizes from 1000mm to 3000mm wide with a drop up to 4000mm. 

For larger spaces, using two or more blinds work very well with a seamless integration that can all be controlled together.

Are the cables on motorised bifold blinds visible?

No, the cables are very discreet and can hardly be seen.

Are our automated blinds noisy?

The small, efficient motors used for our automatic blinds operate quietly with minimal noise. Powered by solar energy or electricity, the motor gently winds chords to raise and lower the lightweight blinds along the rails with little resistance.

At most, you may notice a soft whirring sound that is unobtrusive and easily drowned out by ambient noise in the room.

Can you self-fit our window and door blinds?

Installing our electric blinds yourself is entirely possible, saving you both time and money compared to hiring professionals who charge for measuring, fitting, and multiple visits.

With basic DIY tools and following the detailed step-by-step instructions included with our blinds, you can easily self-fit an identical quality blind as the pros would provide.

Opting to self-install means conveniently fitting your blind when you want without costly professional fees.

If however, you would prefer a completely hands-off approach we offer a unique measure & install service which you wont find with hardly any other providers.

Are our electric bifold blinds made from a blackout or translucent material?

The short answer is, that you can get both. The blackout material resolves a lot of the heat issues you can face with large pains of glass in the summer and winter.

The translucent material can be a nice feature allowing some degree of natural light through the door or window if this is an important feature to you.

The thermal properties of blackout blinds make them the most popular option out of the two as this advantage is the main reason why they are purchased.

Here is a picture of both material types on our roof lantern and skylight blinds.





Can you send samples of the different colours available?

Yes you can order a sample pack from us that showcases all of the colours our blinds come in.

What are the maintenance requirements for electric blinds for bifold doors?

Electric blinds for bifold doors are low-maintenance and durable since they raise and lower at the touch of a button rather than needing to be operated manually.

This hands-free operation means less wear and tear over time. Battery-powered blinds will need occasional charging, but solar-powered options allow the motor to charge itself.

In terms of cleaning, a light dust from time to time as well as some light vacuuming is sufficient.

Can bifold door blinds be used on doors with glass panels of different sizes?

Even if the glass panels are different sizes within the same door, the blinds can be tailored to properly cover each panel. 

This versatility in sizing makes our electric bifold door blinds a flexible shading solution for doors with non-standard or asymmetric glass panel layouts.

Are these electric blinds perfect fit?

Our electric blinds are available in both perfect fit for each panel or recess fit to suit whatever look or design you are desiring. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us here or ring/message us on 07391 254879.

Alternatively you may want to have a go at designing your own electric bifold or sliding door blind now.


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